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Rose: Lacto free milk verses 1% or 2 % milk

Was their less mucous or more mucous 24 to 48 hours after consuming each of the milk's. How does your child/children react to milk during the change of seasons verses the cold weather months, verses the hot months.

Milk Testing - Infants, Toddlers, Pre - Kinder, School age - How did each group do with mucous production .

My goal is to see who in my group does well with the 2 milks we are testing out today.

I've noticed that my students during the year have issues with allergies, and mucous production, with diet adjustments, and environmental changes we are able to revere the symptoms holistically

Lacto Free Milk : All around light & no fat !

This works out really well for our students especially ones with food allergies and or environmental allergies. The lacto free milk also prevents the children's bodies from over development at a young age.

Whole Milk 1% or 2% : The fat is still very detectable !

Whole milk definitely gives us the D vitamin needed to remain healthy, but the fat thats in both the 1 % and the 2 % whole milk causes children with food allergies of any kind to suffer with inflammation of some kind in the sinus area. The innocent clear nasal drip immediately turns into a thick green problem if you're not careful and very attentive to cleanliness.

Get to know your child/children's body and the way it grows, become familiar with what causes it to become ill or irritated memorize and document these medical clues and cheat codes and keep them close create fruit and veggie juices to help the immune system protect itself while its still rebuilding its defenses from the many different versions of the covid - 19 viruses.

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