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Providers Beware

Child care providers, & preschool owners. As a seasoned vet & expert in child care, child development, & Buisness management, the state of California unfortunately is set up to help parents & community care licensing wrongfully sue providers and put them through total hell. According to CCL Providers are guilty until proven innocent. The only way to maintain and protect our business is to become extremely proactive in preventative measures, Having the tools 🧰 to properly screen potential clients & potential employees it's vitally important and a nessesity. Bright Futures Learning Center the (palmdale) location has been successfully established since 2012, the AV (palmdale/Lancaster) has grown emensely since then. We have collected information of problematic parents, students, & employees. Some of these adult individuals are called daycare jumpers, they burn out and exhausted all previous options aka providers, these individuals are looking for new and up and coming providers to scam or place in a position that will get you violated by ccl.

If your intrested in the free app / program being offered email me directly (,

The app will allow you the provider to properly screen any potential customers or staff before enrollment or hire. Our app is on the way. This is an interactive app so providers with an lic number can upload valuable information as well, while networking with fellow daycare providers. It's time we stop 🛑 looking at one another as competition and join together and share this valuable information.

BFLC Director. Rose R Dunn Alonzo

Instagram - brightfutureslearningcenter

Tik tok - brightfutureslearningcenter

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